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Jeremy Kolieb

Consumer Experience Group
Jeremy Kolieb is the Founder & Principal of Consumer Experience Group LLC (CEG), which is focused on enhancing the consumer’s experience by providing clients with the know-how to determine how and what technology to integrate into malls, retailers, commercial properties, hotels, theme parks and much more. Not only does Consumer Experience Group strive to enhance the consumer's experience, but it helps clients obtain an ROI. Consumer Experience Group works with clients on the types of technology and features that should be integrated, and then works with major hardware and software companies to integrate the technology. Consumer Experience Group has major partnerships with large scale LED Display manufacturers and distributors for billboards, smaller display companies for interactive way-finding directories for malls, hotels and commercial buildings, and content developers and media companies. Consumer Experience Group manages transparent RFP processes to technology companies and media companies for its clients.

Consumer Experience Group works with designers and architects to ensure that signage is seamlessly integrated into the architecture, and also works with municipalities and cities across the US to obtain permits for signage. From a content perspective, Consumer Experience Group works with companies in the art industry that can provide unique digital art content and solutions to revolutionize the digital space.